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Cianwood City port

After a few more hours on the rough seas surrounding Cianwood City, the ship that Gold, Kotone, and Hareta were riding on made it to the port. The captain came down to say goodbye before they left, once again telling them how grateful he was. Afterwards, the group set out to look for Chuck, the Cianwood City Gym Leader, while the captain and his crew got to work on the ship, since there were a lot of repairs to take care of.

As the captain went back on the ship and Gold's group left, Jessie, James, and Meowth fell off of one of the anchors and onto the ground. As they sat up, they began groaning about having to cross the sea while hanging to the anchor for dear life while something was going on aboard the ship; their conversation was cut off when Jessie's Wobbuffet appeared, shouting "Wobbuffet!" Pulling out its Poké Ball, Jessie groaned, "We don't need any extra commentary from you..." She recalled it, then she, James, and Meowth stood up and began to head into Cianwood City, hoping to find someplace to rest and maybe get something to eat for a very low price.

Meanwhile, Gold's group wandered through the city, searching for the gym. As they rounded a corner, they heard what sounded like a battle going on just up ahead. Following the sound, they came across a large building built in a traditional Japanese style. Peeking inside the gate just outside the entrance, they saw a Primeape and a Poliwrath trying to overpower each other. Looking around a little more, they saw a man with brown hair and a brown mustache watching them with his arms crossed. He had no shirt on, but was wearing white arm bands and frayed red pants that had a black belt wrapped around the waist and were white on the bottom of the legs.

As they watched his Pokémon battle, the man suddenly noticed them standing at the gate and called, "Hey, what are you kids doing there?" Seeing that he knew they were there, the group stepped inside and came over, Gold saying, "Uh, sorry sir. We were just watching your Pokémon practicing." The man grinned and said, "Heh, so you were! There's nothing wrong with that! After all, I'm really proud of how tough my Fighting-type Pokémon are! They train not just with each other, but with me as well! It's good training for both of us!"

Gold and Kotone seemed a bit surprised that he trained with his Pokémon that way, Kotone asking, "Isn't that a little dangerous? I mean, what if you got caught by a really dangerous attack like Seismic Toss?" The man laughed, "Ha, I suppose it could be! But after a while of hard training, you really get used to it! Training with them like that doesn't just help you understand them better, it's good for you too!" Kotone glanced the man over, seeing that he seemed to be a bit overweight, before saying, "I guess I'll take your word for it..."

Gold asked, "But you wouldn't, you know, try to fight in a Pokémon battle yourself, right?" The man laughed, "Of course not! It would be disrespectful to the Pokémon if they were to get beaten by a human!" A woman, who had been watching the conversation from near the building, came closer and said, "That's not the only reason. My flabby husband here happens to get tired out very easily, which makes him an easy target." The man got angry at her while the group giggled at this. Hareta then said, "He probably would be able to defend against a Pokémon's attacks. He looks like he's got the muscle for it."

The man laughed, "Ha, I don't know about that! You know how much power you'd have to put into defending yourself to stop a Pokémon's attack?" Hareta replied, "Actually, I do! I was in this really fierce battle once, one where my opponent knew everything I was going to do before it could happen. The only way to turn it around was to join the battle with my two Pokémon. I didn't personally attack any of her Pokémon, I just helped defend my team from their attacks."

The man looked at him in surprise for a moment, then grinned, "Really? Then that must mean you've come here to challenge me, the Cianwood City Gym Leader!" This caught everyone by surprise, not realizing that this man was the Gym Leader of Cianwood City. Gold spoke, "You're Chuck? I didn't know that!" Chuck replied, "I figured you kids had to be travelers if you didn't recognize me, but I didn't say anything since I wasn't sure if you were Trainers or Coordinators." He then turned to Hareta and asked, "What's your name, kiddo?" Hareta told him his name, to which Chuck said, "I see. So you're here to battle me for the Storm Badge, isn't that right?" Hareta replied, "Yeah, that's right! Oh, and we're also here on an errand."

Chuck inquired what errand they were running, and they explained to him about getting medicine for Amphy back in Olivine City. At this, Chuck said, "Ah, yes. Jasmine called me earlier, saying that a group of kids was coming to get the medicine for her while she watched her Ampharos. After I heard this, I went to the pharmacy and asked for the strongest medicine they could get." Gold asked, "And did you get it?" Chuck replied, "Unfortunately, the guy said that they were out of SecretPotion, though he said that they would be getting a shipment in tomorrow afternoon." Kotone looked up at the sky, seeing that it was a very deep orange, indicating the sun would be setting soon, and said, "Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't be a good idea to get a shipment in overnight with the waters as rough as they are."

Chuck nodded, "Right, and the guy's supposed to call me when he gets it. So I'll tell you what we'll do. You three get here bright and early tomorrow, and I'll have a battle with Hareta and anyone else who wants to challenge me for a Storm Badge. By then, afternoon should've rolled around, and I'll give you the medicine to take back! How does that sound?" The group agreed to this, then decided to head for the nearby Pokémon Center to get their Pokémon healed and rest for the night.

The following morning...

As they had promised Chuck, the group arrived at the gym early in the morning after getting breakfast at the Pokémon Center. Walking inside, Chuck's wife greeted them and showed them to a room where Chuck was training with his students. Upon seeing the group, he invited his students to come watch the battle and led them all to the gym's battle arena.

After the trio had removed their shoes, like the rest of Chuck's students, Gold, Kotone, and Pikachu sat with Chuck's students along the wall while Hareta stepped into the challenger's box and Chuck stepped into the Gym Leader's box. The judge for the battle announced that both Chuck and Hareta would use two Pokémon and that only Hareta could make substitutions. Since they both understood, he called for the battle to begin!

Chuck called out his Primeape for his first Pokémon, while Hareta called out Kadabra. Chuck led off the battle by calling for Primeape to use Hidden Power, multiple white spheres appearing around Primeape and being sent towards Kadabra. Hareta countered by calling for Confusion, Kadabra's eyes glowing red as it used its Psychic powers to force the spheres to stop and explode. Chuck took advantage of Kadabra being distracted to call for a Cross Chop attack. However, Hareta quickly retaliated by calling for a ThunderPunch, knowing there was no time for Kadabra to use its Psychic-type moves. The two attacks collided with each other, both straining to overpower the other.

Eventually, the two attacks created an explosion, blowing the two back. "Primeape, use Thrash!" Chuck ordered, causing Primeape's eyes to appear crazed as it began to rampage towards Kadabra. "Kadabra, use Reflect!" Hareta shouted, Kadabra sticking out a hand that caused a blue barrier to form around its front. Primeape's thrashing eventually managed to overcome the added Defense and began to pound Kadabra! Before Kadabra was defeated, the aftereffects of Thrash began to take effect as Primeape became confused. As Primeape prepared to go on an uncontrolled rampage, Hareta called for a Psycho Cut, Kadabra striking Primeape's weak spot and knocking it out! Although Kadabra stayed up for a few seconds after Primeape landed on its back, it too fell over, resulting in a double knockout!

As the two recalled their Pokémon, Gold and Kotone were talking with each other on the sidelines. "Kadabra gave it its all, but I guess Primeape was just too powerful for it to stay up for long," Kotone said. "Yeah, and this next battle will determine who wins it. Wonder who Hareta's gonna go with," Gold replied.

After thanking their Pokémon, Hareta and Chuck sent out their last Pokémon. As expected, Chuck sent out his Poliwrath, who gave off a battle cry as it appeared. Hareta sent out his Grovyle for this battle, the Grass-type's blue eyes scanning its opponent as he got into a battle position. "Ah, a fine pick for your final Pokémon! But you do know that even though you have a type advantage, that doesn't mean you'll win!" Chuck said to Hareta, who replied, "Of course not! But I know Grovyle's been itching for another battle, and I wasn't gonna disappoint him! We'll win this by working together, not because we have the advantage!" Chuck laughed, "Ha ha! You've got the heart of a battler and a passionate soul, Hareta! Now let's get this last battle started!"

Hareta called, "Grovyle, use Quick Attack!" At his call, Grovyle shot towards Poliwrath, leaving a trail of white behind him. In turn, Chuck called, "Poliwrath, use Focus Energy! Force it back!" Poliwrath's body began to glow a light blue, Poliwrath tensing up as it prepared for Grovyle to strike. When Grovyle slammed into it, he tried to push Poliwrath back, but was eventually pushed back himself. While Grovyle was disoriented, Chuck ordered, "Poliwrath, Focus Punch!" Poliwrath's right fist began to glow white at the call as it focused its energy into the fist. After focusing enough, it charged towards Grovyle, who was laying on the ground. As it got closer, Hareta shouted, "Grovyle, use Leaf Blade!" The leaves on Grovyle's left arm glowed green and grew into a blade, Grovyle bringing it up and slamming it into Poliwrath's fist. As they pushed against each other, Focus Punch suddenly began to overpower the Leaf Blade and slammed down into Grovyle, creating a cloud of dust as it hit hard!

The dust obscured everyone's view of Grovyle, though they were certain that Grovyle wouldn't be able to survive such a direct hit. When the dust cleared, however, they were surprised to see Grovyle nowhere in sight! Hareta smiled, "Grovyle, use Dig!" Suddenly, Grovyle burst up out from under Poliwrath and sent it flying! After it landed hard on its front, Chuck called, "Hang in there Poliwrath! Focus and use Water Gun!" Poliwrath managed to climb to its feet and fired a stream of water out from the middle of its swirly-patterned stomach. Hareta shouted, "Grovyle, use Bullet Seed and push forward!" Grovyle ran for Poliwrath, opening his mouth and firing a stream of glowing yellow seeds at the Water Gun as he ran. The two attacks were about even, neither one giving an inch. Once Grovyle was close enough, Hareta called, "Grovyle, jump and use Energy Ball!" At this, Grovyle stopped using Bullet Seed and leapt up before Water Gun could hit, bringing his hands together to form the Energy Ball between them. As the attack was almost fully charged, Chuck yelled, "Poliwrath, Hypnosis!" Poliwrath's eyes began to glow blue at this, but it wasn't fast enough and Grovyle threw his Energy Ball at Poliwrath, the attack exploding upon contact!

Poliwrath fell over a few moments after the attack hit, the judge declaring Poliwrath unable to battle! Chuck looked surprised for a few moments before smiling and recalling Poliwrath, thanking it for doing a good job, while Hareta was hugging Grovyle, who crossed his arms and looked as if he was neutral about Hareta's affections. Chuck approached Hareta, saying, "That was a spectacular battle, Hareta. Grovyle really caught us off guard with that unexpected Dig attack. I didn't even hear you call it!" Hareta, letting go of Grovyle, replied, "I actually didn't say anything. But Grovyle knew what I was thinking somehow!" Chuck grinned, "Well, that just goes to show just how strong a bond you two have! Being so close allowed you to tell Grovyle what to do without the need to speak!" The two shook hands, Chuck congratulating Hareta for giving him a great battle, while everyone else cheered. Chuck then awarded Hareta the Storm Badge, then turned towards Gold, Pikachu, and Kotone and said, "Hey, we've still got a little while before lunch! Which one of you two wants to battle with me now?!"


After a tough and very close battle against Chuck's Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee, Gold's Pikachu and Bayleef won him the Storm Badge as well! Chuck said Kotone could also fight him if she wanted to challenge his Medicham and Breloom, but Kotone said that she would pass this time, thanking him for the offer. By that time, it was lunch, so Chuck treated everyone to lunch in the Gym's dinner hall, everyone kneeling at the table as they ate and talked.

Now the trio and their Pokémon were sitting along the beach, watching the water as they waited for Chuck. He had gotten the call from the pharmacy a little while ago and went to go pick up the SecretPotion. They were wondering if the guy at the pharmacy was giving him a hard time when Hareta looked over his shoulder to see Chuck limping towards them. He ran over to Chuck, followed by Gold and Kotone. "Chuck, what happened?" Gold asked. Chuck replied, "After I left the pharmacy, I got hurt in a little Pokémon scuffle." Hareta asked, "Were you attacked by Team Rocket?" Chuck shook his head, so Gold asked, "Did one of your Pokémon get confused in a battle?" Again, Chuck shook his head, and Kotone asked, "Did a stray attack during a battle hit you?" Chuck spoke, "No, none of those! Actually, as I was walking down the street, this little kid was bouncing around with his Grumpig, and they overshot a bounce and landed on me." This made the trio and their Pokémon sweat.

After a moment, Gold asked, "But you got the medicine, right?" Chuck replied that he did, so Kotone said, "Great! We'll take it back to Jasmine right away!" But Chuck sat down and said, "Now hold on a moment. Let's just think this through." Hareta asked, "Think? Think about what?" Chuck replied, "Typically, Gym Leaders need to be in good health when they accept challengers. But I must've pulled something when that Grumpig landed on me, because this is really painful... So technically, I'd have to close the Gym until I got better, but I can't do that! When I'm not taking on challengers, I train for hours! I have never needed to close the gym!" Kotone said, "But you can't be standing if it hurts! That might make it worse." Chuck nodded, "Yes. So what to do..." Suddenly, his face perked up and he said, "I've got it! Gold, how would you like to be the temporary Gym Leader of Cianwood City?"

Everyone's eyes widened at this, Gold managing to find enough of his voice to ask, "WHAT?!? You want me to be a Gym Leader?!?" Chuck replied, "Of course! A Gym Leader can have a temporary Gym Leader for up to a month. Since I don't know when this'll heal, I'd like you to take my place just for a few days." Hareta asked, "But who's going to take the medicine back to Jasmine?" Chuck replied, "I will! I've been out to the Whirl Islands before with my Poliwrath, so we know our way around the whirlpools. I even know a little spot where we can rest for the night, since it is starting to get late. If all goes well, it shouldn't take more than two days to get to Olivine City and back." Gold sighed, "I suppose that's good, but... Why are you asking me? Can't you ask one of your students or someone else?" Chuck stood up and hobbled over to Gold, placing a hand on his shoulder while saying, "Because I trust you, Gold. I trust you and your friends to take care of my gym while I take care of your errand. Just work together and you'll be fine! So will you do it?" Gold looked down, thinking. Kotone asked, "Gold...?" Gold looked up at Chuck and replied, "Okay, Chuck! I'll do it!" Chuck grinned, "I knew you would! You've got that look to you!"

Chuck then called out his Poliwrath, who helped him over to the water. Promising to return soon, he called for his Poliwrath to use Surf, Poliwrath climbing into the water and letting him on its back. It then took off swimming extremely quickly, using all of its muscles. As they watched them go, Kotone said, "So you've been promoted from "Trainer" to "Gym Leader" now, huh? Hope you know what you agreed to, 'cause you're not getting any help from me!" Gold groaned, "Aw, Kotone..." She giggled, "I'm just kidding! Don't worry, I'll help you!"

As they walked up the beach, they saw Chuck's wife waiting for them. She spoke, "I heard everything. That husband of mine always seems to get hurt when doing something as simple as going to the store or taking a walk, so it's no surprise." Hareta asked, "Really?" She nodded, "Yes. I've grown quite used to it, actually. Though this is the first time I've seen him ask for a replacement. But don't worry, it'll be fine. In fact, there might be something you can help with." Gold asked, "What's that?" She explained, "We have a Tyrogue back at the Gym who's been yearning to travel and train with other Pokémon, but because it doesn't have a Trainer and doesn't have a way to get across the sea, the poor thing can only look out across the sea and dream of facing different opponents. I'll introduce you to it tomorrow. And be sure to get to the Gym early. You never know when a challenger might show up." Gold nodded, then they said their goodbyes, Gold's group heading back to the Pokémon Center for a little bit, while Chuck's wife went to tell everyone at the Gym what Chuck had decided.

Later that night, in a house in Olivine City

Dr. Kiyoshi had all of his equipment spread over a table as he was working feverishly on another elixir. As he worked, he mumbled, "It keeps coming... I used up the last of my elixir last night, and I didn't have time to gather these ingredients earlier because I wanted to make sure Amphy was okay... But I felt it this morning and afternoon... I just hope this will keep h- Urk!" He groaned as he almost collapsed on the table. Pushing himself up, he whispered, "No... I don't want that to happen again... I must hurry..." But as he walked over to his bag to get something out of it, he began to get hit by the feeling multiple times, each time increasing in severity. Dropping to his knees, he groaned, "N-no! It's... He's not... I..."

Suddenly, an aura that was pure black began to billow around him, the waves causing the objects around him to shake or otherwise clatter. The doctor began to tremble violently, his skin steadily changing from its peach color to a pale coloration. His clothes also began to change, appearing to rip and fray while a black cloak began to cover them. His hair, normally short and brown, suddenly became long and white, the back of his hair going over the front of his shoulders. The doctor stopped trembling as he crossed his arms over his face, then suddenly brought them out to his sides as he let out an inhuman roar, the aura around him blasting out and destroying the house he was in!

As the dust from the collapsed house settled, amidst the turned over furniture and broken glass, the doctor stood up, his cloak covering his body completely. His eyes opened, now red with black sclera instead of their normal purple with white sclera. In a demonic voice that was not his own, the doctor spoke, "You were a fool to try and hold me back, pathetic human. You should have known that there was no way to seal me forever. And now you are gone once again, and I will have my revenge on all those who thought they could stop me."

Moving one of his pale hands to his face, a blue mask that spiked on the sides and had a black mouth and eyes appeared over his face, hiding it from plain sight. Moving his hand back inside his cloak so no one could see anything unusual about him, he continued, "My power was greatly weakened after that battle. It will take time for me to recover completely, but I will be able to mask my presence as I am. Soon, I will once again have the power I seek, and everything will be mine. All of existence will tremble at the mere mention of the name... FAUST!!!"
I was held up by schoolwork on this one. Geez, I spend so much time on ALEKS now that the next exam is coming up... Anyway, I'm still writing when I have the time in between work. That's the reason if I don't post things for a little while.


Arriving in Cianwood City, Gold's group meets Chuck, who has ordered the medicine that Amphy needs. Needing to wait until the following afternoon, Hareta and Gold separately challenge Chuck for the Storm Badge in the morning. And later, an accident will make Gold a temporary Gym Leader.

But that night, a long-sealed evil will corrupt one who is pure as it plots its revenge...


Finding and Meeting with Chuck- Cianwood City (Pokémon HGSS)

Battle with Chuck- Through the Fire (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Darkness Awakens- Those Who Come Closer (Final Fantasy X)
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Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
O...M...G...He's baaaack! I had a feeling Faust might make an appearance but I feel so bad for Dr. Kiyoshi!

Though the battle scene was really good!

Nice work!
GreenSonic21 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2010  Student Writer
Yeah. Maybe later, you'll learn what he came back from. As for Dr. Kiyoshi... Well, I probably shouldn't say anything at all right now, right?

Thanks! I worked hard to get it to come out right! ^^
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I definetly don't like too many spoilers.

And you're welcome!
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