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After arriving at the Olivine City Gym, the group entered to find the battlefield and Jasmine waiting for them. Jasmine thanked them for going to Cianwood City to get the medicine for Ampharos and postponing their journey to let Amphy heal, revealing that Chuck had told her that they had taken a vacation in Sinnoh. She then revealed that she was a Steel-type Trainer and said that she would face Gold first, then Hareta for the Mineral Badge. She was notably nervous, but refused to back down during battle.

Gold battled against her two Magnemite and Steelix with Geodude, Buizel, and Tyrogue, Geodude defeating both Magnemite before being defeated by Steelix. Buizel was also defeated, but Tyrogue was eventually able to defeat Steelix in the end, giving Gold the victory. For her battle against Hareta, she used Skarmory, Bronzong, and Magnezone against the boy's Luxray, Lucario, and Regigigas. Luxray defeated Skarmory before being beaten by an Earthquake from Bronzong. Lucario fought with Bronzong afterwards, Lucario winning but being very worn out from the match. This allowed Magnezone to defeat him easily, and it looked like it might defeat Regigigas as well until the Slow Start ability wore off, allowing Regigigas to claim victory.

Jasmine came over to Hareta and Gold and said, "You are both better Trainers than me, in both skill and kindness. In accordance with League rules, I award the Mineral Badge to you both." After giving them their Badges, Gold said, "Thanks, Jasmine! By the way, how's Dr. Kiyoshi doing? Did he leave after Amphy was feeling better?" Jasmine sighed, "I'm… Not sure. I don't even know if he's alive right now…"

Hareta asked, "What do you mean? Did something happen?" Jasmine explained, "After you left for Cianwood City, he came up the morning after to check on me and Amphy, saying he would make sure to check on us every few hours… But he never came up the following day, when Chuck arrived with the medicine, or any day afterwards… When Amphy had healed about three days ago, I came down to see if he was still here and see if there had been a problem, only to find the house he was staying in destroyed…"

Kotone asked, "What happened?! Was he okay?!" Jasmine replied, "I don't know… It looked like something had pushed the house down by force from the inside, since everything had been overturned. Dr. Kiyoshi was nowhere within its ruins; even the police could find no trace of him… I don't know what happened, but I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen… Something horrible…"

After a moment, Gold said, "Don't worry, Jasmine. I'm sure the doctor will turn up and everything will be fine. Until then, you've got to keep your faith in him and wait, believe me." Kotone giggled, "Sounds like someone is beginning to sound like a parent." While Gold began to argue with Kotone, Jasmine spoke to Hareta, "Do you suppose that's true? That I should believe?" Hareta nodded, "Of course. When you know someone, it's only natural that you should believe in them, especially if they help you or you care for them." Jasmine nodded after a moment, "I suppose you're both right… Um… The Sinnoh Region… I've heard that it's a nice place, and Erika, one of the Kanto Gym Leaders, said I should go try the Super Contests there… Do you think I should?"

Hareta replied, "Hey, I bet you would do great in a Super Contest! After seeing you in battle today, I'm sure you could handle the dress up, dancing, and appeals round in a Super Contest no problem!" Jasmine smiled, "Thank you… Maybe I'll go to Sinnoh sometime and try it… I'm sure Rusty and I would have fun." Gold nodded, "I bet you two would. Anyway, we should probably get going if we want to get to Ecruteak City today." Jasmine replied, "Of course. I shouldn't keep you from your journey. Um… I… I don't know how to say this, but good luck to all of you." The trio nodded and said goodbye to Jasmine as they left the Gym and headed for Ecruteak City.


After crossing both Routes 39 and 38, Gold, Kotone, and Hareta were once again in Ecruteak City. Passing through the center of the city, they found Morty staring up at the Bell Tower so they called out to him. Upon seeing the group, Morty waved back to them and they talked for a little while about what each had been up to. Morty mentioned that Eusine had passed through earlier, heading for Route 42 and claiming that Suicune was in that direction and the trio talked about their vacation in Sinnoh.

While they were talking about the nearby Kimono Dance Theater and how they'd seen some of the Kimono Girls in Violet City, Ilex Forest, and the theater itself, Hareta noticed a nearby house that was north of the little square. Although it was in the same design as the other houses around Ecruteak City, it looked like no one had lived in it for a long time. As he looked, he was suddenly nudged by Gold, who said, "Hey! Anybody home?" Hareta turned his head and asked, "Huh? What?" Morty asked, "Something wrong, Hareta?" Hareta shook his head, "No, I was just looking at that house over there."

Morty noticed the house he was talking about and said, "Ah, yes, that house. It's been a long time since anyone has lived in that house. A very long time." Kotone asked, "How come? Is there something wrong with it?" Morty replied, "I'm not sure, but I've heard people say that a ghost can sometimes be seen inside. I've never personally seen it, so I wouldn't know. Well, I should get back to my Gym and see how my Pokémon are doing right now, but it was good seeing you three again." The group waved to him as he left, heading for the Pokémon Center afterwards. As he followed Gold and Kotone, Hareta stopped and looked back at the house a moment more before catching up to them.

Later that night…

While Gold, Kotone, and most of the Pokémon slumbered peacefully, Hareta lay awake in his bed, staring up at the underside of the bed above him. The group decided to stay in Ecruteak City so that their Pokémon could rest up. They didn't want to be tired in case they ran into any trouble along the way to Mahogany Town. Throughout the day, Hareta had been thinking about the house they'd seen, and it was messing with his sleep.

Eventually, Hareta pushed the covers off of him and swung his feet over the bed, slipping them into his shoes, which were at the foot of the bed. He grabbed the key on the nearby table and quietly put it in his jeans pocket, leaving the room so he wouldn't wake up anyone. Unfortunately for him, Gold's Pikachu couldn't sleep well either, and Misdreavus and Minun noticed that Hareta had left the room. Working together to get the door open, they followed his scent to see where he had gone.

They found him in the lobby of the Pokémon Center, next to a vending machine containing drinks. Besides his shoes and jeans, he also had a white T-shirt on, as he had taken off his long-sleeve shirt. Even in the dim lighting of the Pokémon Center, they could see him clearly, as could Hareta once he noticed them as he bent down to pick up the can from the machine. "Hey guys. What's up?" he asked. Misdreavus said, "(You got up, then we got up and followed you when you left with the room key.)" Hareta smiled, "Guess I should've expected somebody to hear me."

Moving to one of the couches in the lobby, Hareta opened his can and took a sip before asking, "So how come you guys couldn't sleep?" Minun said, "(Misdreavus and I just happened to hear you. We were just coming to see what you were doing, since you rarely leave the room during the night.)" Hareta looked at Pikachu, asking, "What about you?" Pikachu sighed, "(I've just been thinking about what Jasmine said all day. And I'm worried.)" Hareta spoke, "You're worried if Dr. Kiyoshi is okay, aren't you? You two really are good friends." Pikachu shook his head, "(Not just that. The way Jasmine described how the house was destroyed… I'm worried that he might've returned.)" Hareta asked, "He? Are you talking about the thing you've been looking for?" Pikachu nodded quietly, afraid of that possibility.

He then glanced up at Hareta and asked, "(Why were you up, anyway? You rarely ever have trouble getting to sleep.)" Hareta glanced down at the can in his hand and said, "I've been thinking too. About that house and what Morty said." Misdreavus asked, "(You want to see the ghost he was talking about?)" Hareta shook his head, "No. It's just… I know it's an old house, but something about it… I felt something as I looked at it. It felt like sadness. I don't know why. I guess I'm awake because I'm wondering what's inside."

Minun said, "(Well why don't we go see right now! If you're so confused and curious that you can't sleep, then we might as well go see, especially since we set out for Mahogany Town after breakfast.)" Hareta thought a moment, then said, "Alright, we can do that. But let's go by ourselves. I don't think the others would want to be woken up just to see the inside of some old house." They returned to the room to return the key and get a flashlight from Hareta's bag, then climbed out of the window in the room. They left it open so they could get back in once they were done.

Walking through the dimly lit streets, they made their way to the house. They stopped when they reached the front, Hareta turning the flashlight on so they could see where they were going. As he passed the light over the front, he noticed two banners hanging near the front door, both adorned with the same Poké Ball logo that was on his hat. "Wonder who put these here." Hareta murmured. Moving over to feel it, Pikachu said, "(These feel really old. Like they've been here for many years.)" Hareta, Minun, and Misdreavus felt them too, agreeing that they felt extremely old. After wondering for a moment about how long they could've been there, they stepped through the front door.

Inside, they found that the inside was one big room with sliding doors in the back leading to the sleeping area. Near one of the walls was a circular table and there were several old Pokémon statues against the walls, most having broken down over time. It seemed like anything else that had been in the house was either taken by humans or wild Pokémon or had been otherwise lost over time. Walking over to the table, Minun and Pikachu jumped up onto it while Misdreavus hovered over Hareta's shoulder as he dusted it off some. Inscribed on the table was the same mark that had been hanging on the banners around the front door. Misdreavus murmured, "(The same mark… I didn't know they made tables with this on it.)" Hareta felt the stone that the table was made of and said, "This looks and feels old, just like those banners. See, this rock is really coarse and fractured in places. Maybe it's as old as those banners…"

Suddenly, the sound of a boot touching the floorboards caught everyone's ears. They quickly turned around to face whoever was in the house with them, but were surprised at what they saw. A man dressed in blue robes wearing black boots and a black cloak with the hood up was approaching them, but he was he was outlined in blue and appeared to be somewhat transparent. As he stood a fair distance from them, the man spoke, "My children and I never wanted what you saw to happen. We never wanted our failure to destroy a great evil to come back to haunt you. I'm sorry, son…" Hareta stared in shock at the man; was he saying they were related? Before he could ask, the man turned around and began to walk away as he faded. Hareta cried, "Wait! Who are you?" But the only response he received was the sound of the man's footsteps.

The following morning…

After enjoying a quick breakfast in the Pokémon Center, the trio and their Pokémon hung around the city for a little longer before leaving for Route 42. Empoleon walked beside Hareta while Minun rode on his shoulder, Pikachu and Pichu rode on Gold's shoulders while Bayleef walked beside him, and Noctowl sat on Kotone's shoulder as she held Togepi. Even though the Spike Ball Pokémon had gotten quite strong from participating in battles, she still liked to carry it in her arms.

As they passed Mt. Mortar, they suddenly heard some rustling in the trees nearby. Going off the path to check, they heard the cry of Suicune! As they were about to go into a small enclosure with some Apricorn trees, Suicune rushed towards them, pushing the group back and quickly glancing at them before running in the direction of Mahogany Town. As it rushed, it thought, "(Every time I see that boy, I am reminded of my old master…)"

As the group stood up and looked where Suicune had run, Eusine appeared and walked past the group, saying, "Suicune… How brave it is! How refreshing it is! How beautiful it is! And how quickly it moves!" Gold asked, "Uh, Eusine?" Eusine turned to the group and said, "It seems you three are always around wherever Suicune appears. I wonder if Suicune is drawn to any one of you… Well, it's okay. My desire to search for Suicune reveals many facts, and certainly holds many surprises as well!"

Kotone said, "I don't mean to intrude Eusine, but why are you attracted to Suicune the way you are?" Eusine explained, "My grandfather was… Quite into myths. I've heard so many stories about Suicune from him. I grew up with the wish that I could someday meet Suicune. And now that I have, I have the feeling that it is searching for something. And I will not rest until I find out what it is!" The group was taken aback by Eusine's dedication to Suicune and nothing was said for a few moments.

Somebody eventually spoke up, and it wasn't Hareta, Gold, or Kotone. Instead, the owner was Silver, who had been looking for strong Pokémon in Mt. Mortar and had stayed out of sight near the entrance so he could listen, and he said, "So how long are you going to chase after a Pokémon that someone like you doesn't deserve to have? All your life, or just part of it?" Eusine began to fume as Silver stepped into the sunlight, yelling, "How dare you insult me! Do you have no respect for the embodiment of the north wind?!" Silver replied, "I respect it simply because it's a strong Pokémon. If I had it, I would be unstoppable." Eusine shouted, "You think of Suicune as only a tool?! I don't know who you think you are, but I challenge you to a battle!" Silver said, "The name's Silver, and it'd be a waste of my time to battle a dreamer like you."

As Silver began to walk away, Hareta called, "Hey Silver!"  The red-haired boy stopped and turned around, asking, "What do you want?" Hareta replied, "Since you won't battle Eusine, I'll battle you!" Gold, Kotone, their Pokémon, and Eusine were a bit surprised at Hareta's sudden challenge, but Silver simply said, "I pass. I already saw enough of you last time, and weak-minded Trainers like you aren't worth my time." Hareta smirked, "Is that so? Or are you turning me down because you're afraid you'll get beaten by a weak-minded Trainer?" Silver glared at him, "I'm not afraid of you or Gold. I can handle anything you two weaklings want to use against me." Hareta replied, "Prove it, tough guy." Silver glared at him a moment longer before saying, "Fine. How do you want to be beaten?" Hareta replied, "Same as last time. Six Pokémon, substitutions, and no time limit."

Everyone moved into the small area that Suicune had been standing in, Hareta and Silver standing at opposite ends while Gold, Kotone, and Eusine stood off to the side. Before the match started, Gold asked Eusine, "Hey, how come you're sticking around to watch? Don't you usually go chasing after Suicune?" Eusine replied, "Yes, but that Silver has some nerve to talk about Suicune that way! If Hareta fails to defeat him good, then I will do the honors!" Kotone looked back at the battlefield and said, "I wouldn't worry about Hareta losing. I'm sure he's been preparing for this rematch."

Silver once again chose Golbat as his first Pokémon, so Hareta responded by sending Minun to battle first. Silver smirked, "Hope you've picked up something new since last time. You won't get me a second time with that Rollout trick." Hareta replied, "We're looking to get back on track here. No tried-and-true gimmicks here; this'll be like a fresh canvas." Silver rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever. Golbat, use Haze!" At his call, Golbat released a black haze from its mouth, which covered the battlefield and made it hard to see for Minun. Silver then ordered a Poison Fang, as he knew Golbat had no trouble detecting where Minun was in the middle of the Haze.

Hareta countered by calling for a Swift attack, Minun releasing a flurry of stars from his mouth that locked onto Golbat, even though it couldn't be seen. The stars hit Golbat as it was swooping towards Minun, leaving it mostly defenseless and slamming it back. The attack also pushed the Haze out, clearing up the field. He then called for a Charge, Minun focusing his electricity for the next attack. Seeing that they were preoccupied, Silver tried to go for another Poison Fang, Golbat's fangs glowing purple as it flew towards Minun. Before it could strike, though, Hareta called for a Thunder attack, Minun unleashing the full power of the move once Golbat was so close that it wouldn't be able to evade. Between the type advantage and the power supplied by the Charge, Golbat was knocked out almost instantly! Silver glared at Hareta for a moment before recalling Golbat.

On the sidelines, Gold commented, "Wow, that was quick! Golbat didn't even get an attack in on Minun." Eusine nodded, "I guess Kotone was right in saying that he was preparing for this match." Kotone cheered, "Keep it up, Hareta! You guys are looking good!" Silver ignored what they were saying and sent out Haunter to battle. Hareta kept Minun out, calling for a Nasty Plot, followed by an Agility. Silver called for a Night Shade, Haunter firing black beams from its eyes. Thanks to the Agility, Minun dodged the beams, keeping up the pace as Hareta called for another Agility.

Eusine brought a hand to his chin, "He seems to be sticking to moves that temporarily increase a Pokémon's stats. I wonder why…" Back on the field, Silver had had enough of their scampering and called for a Shadow Punch, a black fist being launched from Haunter that sent Minun flying. Silver called, "All those boosts are good for a battle, but they're worthless if you don't know when to use them." Hareta called back, "I know that. And now seems to be the perfect time." Silver prepared for Hareta to call out an attack, but was surprised when Hareta brought out Minun's Poké Ball. He then called, "Minun, Baton Pass!" At his call, Minun let out a cry as he several balls of light surrounded him before the red return beam called him back to his Poké Ball. Hareta then put it back in his pocket and grabbed another, sending out Misdreavus!

Kotone said, "So that's what he was planning. He had Minun use all those helpful moves so he could use Baton Pass to transfer the effects to Misdreavus." Gold said, "Last time those two battled, Misdreavus was defeated by Haunter's Destiny Bond. Maybe he increased Misdreavus' stats because he has an idea of how to keep that from happening again." Eusine said, "Wondering now won't do much. We'll just have to watch and see what they do now."

Silver growled, "Don't think those boosts are going to change the outcome here! Haunter, Sucker Punch!" All of a sudden, Haunter smashed into Misdreavus, knocking it to the ground and pinning it down with its hands. That was a mistake for Haunter, however, as Hareta had called for a Payback, which blasted Haunter with twice the power the move normally had! While it was still reeling from the attack, Hareta called for an Astonish attack, which made Haunter flinch!

Suspecting Hareta was going to try to make Haunter faint soon, Silver ordered a Destiny Bond, Haunter bracing itself to try to take Misdreavus with it. Hareta had Misdreavus use Shadow Ball next, although it was angled down and hit the ground just in front of Haunter, creating a cloud of dust. Knowing it would be hard for Haunter to use Destiny Bond when it couldn't see its opponent, Silver called for a Dark Pulse, Haunter launching a beam of purple circles to clear up the smoke. That moment of distraction proved costly for Silver, however, as Hareta ordered a Psybeam and Misdreavus released a pair of multicolored beams from its eyes that hit Haunter hard and made it faint!

Recalling Haunter, Silver said, "It would appear you've picked up a few tricks since last time after all. But when it's all over, I'll still be victorious!" He then called out his Xatu, ordering a Night Shade once it appeared. Misdreavus countered with a Night Shade of its own, the two moves eventually canceling each other out. Silver called for a Tailwind while Hareta ordered Misdreavus to use Power Gem. Due to the temporary boost in speed, Xatu had little trouble dodging the glowing orange ball, using Teleport afterwards to warp behind Misdreavus and blast it with an Ominous Wind. It managed to get a Peck attack in as well, but Misdreavus wasn't defeated yet and used Pain Split to recover from some of the damage and weaken Xatu some. Hareta then recalled it, thanking Misdreavus for fighting hard.

Interestingly, Hareta called out Grovyle next. Silver suspected a mistake in choosing and ordered a Peck attack, Xatu flying towards Grovyle, beak pointed forward. Hareta had Grovyle counter by using Leaf Blade as a defensive move, putting their training during the voyage to good use. When Xatu eventually attempted to push against the attack, Hareta called for a Screech attack, Grovyle unleashing a powerful screech that sent Xatu sprawling. After it stood back up, Silver commanded it to use Signal Beam while Hareta called for Grovyle to use Quick Attack. Grovyle struck first, slamming into Xatu, who blasted him pointblank with Signal Beam. While Grovyle was flying, Xatu went in for a Peck that was just barely stopped by a Slam from Grovyle.

After they were both pushed back and landed on their feet, Silver called for a Guard Swap that gave Grovyle the lowered defenses caused by the earlier Screech attack. This didn't throw off either Grovyle or Hareta, as they pressed onwards with Fury Cutter, Grovyle slashing Xatu with his claws. Xatu countered by throwing Grovyle with a Psychic attack, Grovyle sliding across the ground after landing. After Grovyle got back up, Silver called for another Peck attack, Xatu once again flying towards Grovyle when the Tailwind suddenly died down. Hareta took advantage of Xatu's sudden shock by calling for a Quick Attack, Grovyle slamming right into Xatu and pushing it back. Before the attack ended, Grovyle finished with a Pound attack, sending Xatu into the ground. The swirls in its eyes indicated that Xatu had finally hit its limit.

Hareta could tell that Grovyle had really put a lot into battling Xatu, so he recalled him and thanked him for battling so hard, sending out Empoleon afterwards. Silver responded by sending out Ursaring, the two once again pitting their strongest Pokémon against each other. Silver led off by calling for Belly Drum, Ursaring once again maximizing its attack at the expense of health, while Hareta called for Swords Dance, Empoleon crossing his wings as they glowed blue and became slightly thicker. Hareta then called for Metal Claw while Silver ordered Fury Swipes, both Pokémon slashing at each other with their claws. Eventually, Ursaring tried to smash Empoleon with a Hammer Arm, but the attack was caught by both of Empoleon's wings. He then used a Fury Attack, jabbing Ursaring several times with the horns on his head, and followed up with a Brine attack, blowing Ursaring away.

Although Ursaring was still strong enough to stand up, it was clear that it couldn't last much longer. Rather than risk losing one of his stronger Pokémon, Silver recalled Ursaring and sent out Sneasel to take its place. He had Sneasel lead off with an Ice Shard, Hareta having Empoleon answer with an Aqua Jet. Empoleon broke through the ball of ice Sneasel hurled at him and hit Sneasel, pushing it back. After skidding to a stop, Sneasel leapt towards Empoleon in a Quick Attack, though the move had little effect due to Empoleon being part Steel-type. Before Silver called another attack, Hareta and Empoleon nodded to each other, preparing for whatever Silver attacked with next.

Silver began a series of fast hits, attempting to overwhelm Empoleon. He started with a Faint Attack, Sneasel walking up to Empoleon and pointing to one side, attacking when he wasn't looking. Silver then ordered a Fury Swipes, Sneasel slashing Empoleon several times before jumping away. After both of these attacks, Hareta still didn't call any moves, so Silver called for a Slash attack, Sneasel delivering a single powerful scratch to Empoleon. As soon as it hit, Hareta called, "Now Empoleon!" At his call, Empoleon's body began to glow white, Silver gasping, "Bide?! He communicated the command without having to speak?!" Empoleon then dashed at Sneasel, slamming it with the stored energy before smacking it away with a wing. Sneasel hit the ground hard after being hit away; it struggled to stand up for a moment at Silver's yelling, but soon fell over, knocked out!

Hareta called to Silver, "Yeah, we can communicate without talking because we're good friends! We don't need raw strength to prove that we're powerful because we get our strength from each other! Now do you see what it means to have friends, to have someone you can count on even when things look bleak?" After recalling Sneasel, Silver growled, "Friends… Trust… What good are they?! You can have all the allies you could ever hope to need to achieve a goal, and everything falls apart if they're not strong enough! I don't need to rely on anyone to get what I want! I swore I would prove to the world that I can achieve greatness because of my own desire to be strong!" Hareta yelled, "Listen to you, Silver! Is that the stance you've always had, or is it because you were abandoned by someone? If you're trying to prove that you're strong all by yourself, then why are you a Trainer? What's the point if you're just following in someone's footsteps?!"

Silver growled, angered by the memories that Hareta was bringing up, and yelled, "MAGNEMITE! GET OUT HERE NOW!!!" After he sent out Magnemite, Hareta recalled Empoleon and sent out Quilava to battle Magnemite. Off on the sidelines, Eusine asked, "Is it normal for Silver to get upset when the odds are against him like this?" Kotone said, "No, we've never seen him get this mad before. Hareta must've struck a nerve. Still, he makes a good point; did something happen to Silver that made him what he is today?" Gold said nothing as he focused on the battle, knowing Hareta would either win soon or Silver would make a major comeback.

Silver called for a Magnet Bomb while Hareta called for a Swift attack, the two sure-hit moves striking each other and exploding on contact. Magnemite then tried a Zap Cannon, which missed due to the smoke from the explosion and gave away its position, allowing Quilava to land a Flamethrower. Hareta then called for a Dig attack, Quilava quickly digging and disappearing into the ground. Silver was able to retaliate by commanding a Magnet Rise and then had Magnemite use Discharge, electrocuting Quilava. Still, she held in there and, after shaking off some of the sparks, readied herself for another attack. Silver ordered a Spark attack, so Hareta answered by calling for a Flame Wheel, both Pokémon shooting towards each other. Upon contact, they held each other for a moment before Quilava broke through the Spark and rolled into Magnemite. It hit the ground afterwards, several scorch marks and a swirl in its eye visible.

Silver quietly recalled Magnemite and sent out Ursaring, his last Pokémon. Hareta recalled Quilava, thanking her for her hard work, then sent out Scyther to finish the battle. Hareta went first by calling for a Quick Attack, though it was repelled when Silver ordered a Slash attack that knocked Scyther back. Silver then ordered a Thrash attack, Ursaring going after Scyther while wildly attacking. Hareta called for an Agility to get Scyther out of the way, though it was still caught by Ursaring and beat up badly by the attack. Although Scyther suffered some damage from the attack, it was able to push itself out of the crater that had been created when it was hit by Ursaring, who was now confused and beginning to attack wildly. Hareta called for an X-Scissor, Scyther crossing its scythes as they began to glow a light purple. When Ursaring's rampage brought it close enough, Scyther flew towards it and slashed in the shape of an 'X.' Between the damage from Empoleon and the confusion, Ursaring collapsed, defeated.

Silver stared in shock at what had happened; he did some damage to Hareta's team, but otherwise, he had been totally defeated. Everyone else was shocked as well; even Hareta was surprised at the sweep. Silver eventually recalled Ursaring back to its Poké Ball and closed his eyes for several moments, saying nothing. When Hareta called out his name, he opened his eyes and said, "You're better than I thought… But I refuse to agree with your view on Pokémon. Next time, I'll be ready for you; my emotions won't get in the way of what I'm doing." He then turned around and walked away into the trees, heading for Mahogany Town.

Hareta watched him go until he disappeared among the trees; he then walked up to Scyther and, wrapping an arm around him, said, "Thanks, Scyther. You were awesome back there!" Scyther smiled and nodded, "(No problem, buddy.)" Hareta brought out Scyther's Poké Ball and recalled it, allowing it to rest. Everyone came over afterwards, Gold speaking up first, "Hareta, that battle was something else! You and your Pokémon were really in sync for this battle against Silver!" Kotone nodded, "You sure were. Just don't forget that Silver's going to be sure to challenge you again to prove you wrong." Hareta replied, "No he won't. Silver's all yours now, Gold. After last time, I just wanted to get my point across to Silver. That's all." Gold nodded, "And next time he battles me, I'll be sure to be ready for him!"

Eusine spoke, "If you'll excuse me, I must be off. I may still have time to catch up to Suicune if I hurry. May we meet again!" And with that, he left the field and hurried in the direction Suicune had run off in. Kotone said, "He sure is one busy guy. Hope he gets to realize his dream soon." Hareta nodded, "I hope so too. It's always great when a dream comes true." Gold added, "And speaking of dreams, we've got to get to Mahogany Town! C'mon, you two! Let's hurry!" After finishing, he dashed out of the field with Pikachu and Pichu resting on his shoulders while Bayleef followed behind, Hareta and Kotone with her Pokémon following behind them.

Meanwhile, up on one of the slopes of Mt. Mortar, an excited pair of eyes focused on Hareta, having been watching him the whole time during the battle. "Excellent… He really is just a child. Perhaps…" the owner of the eyes murmured to himself.
I'm not entirely sure about this one. Everything around the battle scene strikes me as off. I hope you guys like it better.

Hareta's line about a fresh canvas was inspired by a scan from Nintendo Power's preview of Sonic Colors. I just thought it sounded cool how they're saying that he's getting back on track without any gimmicks.


After Gold and Hareta win the Mineral Badge, the group hears about Dr. Kiyoshi's disappearance and spend a little time in Ecruteak City. During their night there, Hareta sneaks out to investigate a house, only to be visited by a face from the past.

The following day, the group encounters Suicune, Eusine, and Silver, prompting Hareta to challenge the red-haired boy to a rematch. Can he make up for what happened back in Sinnoh?
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