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September 22, 2009
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It has been several days since Team Go-Getters returned from their journey, and things have fallen back into a routine nicely. Absol has located a good place to live that's near the village, as well as locating the Darkness Ridge to add to Team Go-Getters' list of Friend Areas. Over the course of these days, everyone living in Pokemon Square has told Hareta how great it is to have him, Charmander, and Chikorita back, and apologized for suspecting him. Due to Absol's history as the Disaster Pokemon, not everyone has warmed up to him yet, but they're learning to trust him. Team Meanies hasn't been seen in Pokemon Square since Team Go-Getters returned, and most of the Pokemon still aren't sure if they can believe Gengar's story or not. As for Team Go-Getters' rescue work, they've been handling every job they take as steadily as before, with Absol and Pikachu helping them out from time to time, while Pichu and Raichu continue to train at the dojo to get stronger.

After the hard work done today, Hareta was back at the Team Base, glad to be sleeping on the rock that served as a bed. Tonight, he was being visited with a dream he hasn't had in a while.

Hareta's Dream

Hareta opened his eyes and looked around. All around him, he could see swirling colors as well as a landscape beginning to form before his eyes. Far beneath where he was floating, he could see cities, towns, forests, and a snow-covered landscape beginning to form. As this became clear, he realized he must be on a mountain, which was currently beginning to form underneath him. First the grayish rocky slopes formed, the slopes beneath him being covered by clouds, while the rocks flattened around the area he was in, though the ground that he was floating above still seemed rugged. Suddenly, an ancient structure appeared, separating him from the rocky ground. The structure was made of stone, being mostly flat with spear-like pillars jutting up from it. One end had a cave entrance rising out of the rock, while the other had a bit of a rocky rise after it. Hareta recognized it as the Spear Pillar.

"This... It's that dream... Again... It's been a while... Is Gardevoir here?" he whispered to himself. As he looked around, he felt a familiar presence, and turned to see the spirit form of Gardevoir floating there.

"It's you... Gardevoir," Hareta said. After he finished speaking, Gardevoir's translucent body materialized so she looked less ghostly.

"Yes..." she whispered. She slowly touched down on the ground and walked over to him, kneeling over so they were about eye-level.

"Gardevoir. There are so many things that I want to know. Why do you appear to me when I dream?" Hareta asked. She began, "As an agent of the spirits, I must watch over you... Because that is my role now."

"An agent of the spirits?" Hareta wondered. "Yes. I fell under the curse of Ninetales in place of a Trainer... And so became a presence lacking a physical form," Gardevoir explained. "Trainer? Oh, you mean the human that was in the Legend of Ninetales. It's so sad that your Trainer would abandon you and run away like he did," Hareta said. "Yes," Gardevoir said, smiling. "My Trainer was a terrible person. Mean, sneaky... My Trainer was quite a misguided person. Truly. Even so, I don't hate my Trainer."

"You don't? How come?" Hareta asked. "Well... I'm not sure myself. It's hard to explain," Gardevoir said. "My Trainer did some awful things, yet somehow, I can't bring myself to feel that way. In spite of those quirks, there were good qualities to him too. And when it happened, I was desperate to protect him..."

"It? You mean Ninetales' curse?" Hareta asked. "Yes. I protected my Trainer from Ninetales' curse with my entire being. If the Trainer is facing danger, it is our duty to protect them with our lives... We Gardevoir are like that. I kept my Trainer safe. It was enough to make me happy," Gardevoir explained. "Protect the trainer even at the cost of one's life... That's really cool what Gardevoir did," Hareta thought to himself. "Oh, I must mention I don't mind the form I have taken. I live on this way, with pride in the role I have been given," she added.

"Your role?" Hareta asked Gardevoir. "Yes. All things have a role. They all serve a purpose. Just I have my own role, you too have a role that you must fulfill. You came here to perform a certain role... And, in order to perform your role, Hareta, you became a Pokemon," she explained.

"What? What do you mean?" Hareta asked. Suddenly, a tremor began to rock the Spear Pillar, startling Hareta. As the area shook, Gardevoir began to vanish.

"No! Wait! I want to know..." Hareta tried to say, but it was no use. Gardevoir was gone, and the area began to fade into darkness...

Blackness. Then a light appeared...

Hareta awoke to the sun shining on his face. As he sat up, he rubbed the last bits of sleepiness out of his eyes, then dropped into the water in the pond to make sure he was fully up and ready. Afterwards, he climbed out and went over to the toolbox, where he kept his hat, Pecha Scarf, red scarf, and orange wristband. As he put these on, he began to think about last night.

"There was an earthquake... Right? I think I had that dream again, and I spoke with Gardevoir... She said something important... Oh right! She did! She said I came here for a certain role, which is why I became a Squirtle! She knows the reason! She also mentioned something about a role... What did she mean?" Shrugging, Hareta finished putting his gear on, then slung the toolbox over his shoulder and went outside to find that Charmander and Chikorita had just arrived.

"Good morning, Hareta!" they both said. Chikorita then noticed Hareta seemed a bit preoccupied, so she asked, "Is something wrong? Do you feel okay?" Charmander piped in saying, "It's probably because of that earthquake earlier. You're worried too, right, Hareta? Team ACT hasn't come back yet... And they say that Groudon is powerful, so it is reason to worry a bit. But remember, Alakazam's team is tough. I'm sure they'll be fine." Hareta nodded and said, "I know. And we agreed to let Team ACT deal with Groudon. I haven't forgotten." Charmander said, "Then let's not spend too much time worrying about them and wait for them to come back. We'll stick to our part until then." Chikorita smiled and said, "So then let's keep doing good work for our Rescue Team!"

With that said, they prepared to leave when they suddenly heard someone say, "Uh... Um..." This caught their attention and they walked out to the path and saw two blue Pokemon approaching. When they reached Team Go-Getters, they stopped, and the smaller one said, "Um... I'm Wynaut, and this is..." The bigger Pokemon brought his right arm to his head and said, "Wobbuffet!" Wynaut continued, "We have a notice posted on the Message Board outside the Pelipper Post Office." Wobbuffet once again brought his arm to his head and said, "That's right!" Wynaut continued, "Please look at it for us. Please, please." Once again, Wobbuffet seemingly wacked himself and said, "Wobbuffet!!!" Wynaut finished with, "Please help. We have to go now." Again, Wobbuffet brought his arm up and said, "That's right!" And with that, the two walked down the path leading away from Team Go-Getters' base.

The trio turned to each other and Charmander asked, "What was that all about?" Chikorita asked, "That little Pokemon... Did he say he was Wynaut?" Hareta nodded and said, "I think he was asking us to look at the Message Board. Maybe they have a problem and put a request up." Charmander said, "Well, there's only one thing to do. Let's go check the Pelipper Post Office Message Board and see." With that, Team Go-Getters ran towards the bridge leading into town, Hareta running along the side of Charmander and Chikorita.

Pokemon Square: Pelipper Post Office

Soon, Team Go-Getters stood in front of the Message Board, and all three began to scan the board to see what sort of requests were currently up. Suddenly, Hareta spotted one and pulled it down, looking it over and then showing it to Charmander and Chikorita. Suddenly, they noticed Wobbuffet and Wynaut coming up the path towards them, so they walked over to meet with them.

"Hey, we just picked this job off the Message Board. It says, 'Punish bad Mankey,'" Charmander said. "Is that the job that you two were talking about?" Chikorita asked. "Yup, yup!" Wynaut said. "That's right!" Wobbuffet added. Wynaut then explained, "A gang of Mankey is going wild in the forest where we live. Everyone is upset about this." Wobbuffet chimed in, "That's right!" Then Wynaut continued, "We don't know why they're rampaging around. But they're always angry and attack anyone they see!" Wobbuffet added, "That's right!"

"Oh no... That is a problem," Charmander said. "Maybe we should head over to the Kecleon Brothers Shopping Wares to see if there's anything we need," Hareta offered. "Good idea. Then we'll put our extra Poke in the bank and head out," Chikorita said. "Thank you! We're counting on you!" Wynaut said. Wobbuffet added, "That's right!" With that, the two left to go visit Whiscash in his pond.

Later, the entrance to Uproar Forest

After taking care of their chores and checking their Wonder Map, Team Go-Getters set out for Uproar Forest. After leaving Pokemon Square, they headed north past Mirage Woods, then passed by the Sinister Cave entrance as they headed east and soon found themselves at the beginning of Uproar Forest. They noticed that the trees and plants had more of a yellow-green color rather than a regular green to them as they walked into the forest.

As they walked through the forest, they encountered very few Pokemon. They ran afoul of a group of Aipom, and later several Nuzleaf called in a Monster House in an attempt to stop them, but both of these attempts amounted to nothing since Team Go-Getters were at a much higher level. They also encountered some wild Venonat, Roselia, and Seedot, but the most intriguing thing about Uproar Forest was its with weather. One minute the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky; the next minute there's a snowstorm or hailstorm blowing through the area. In spite of all this, Team Go-Getters marched onwards, looking for the angry Mankey gang.

As they came closer to a clearing, they found several chestnuts, which Hareta grabbed for their food stores. Soon they found the entrance to the clearing, where they saw three Mankey. When the Mankey saw them, one of them asked, "Hey, what's with you three?" Another said, "We don't mean to brag or nothing... But we lose our tempers really easily." The third said, "What really gets us going is when we see some dim-witted expression. Just looking at those blank faces..." Suddenly, they all began to glare at the trio. "Grr! I'm seeing red here!" the second Mankey said. "Mukkkeeeeeh! Get 'em! It's frenzy time!" the first shouted.

The three Mankey came rushing towards Team Go-Getters, but because of their higher level, each team member ended up knocking the Mankey they were fighting with just one attack. They stared in shock at how easily they overcame the three for a moment, then decided to pack it up and head home before the Mankey recovered.

Later, back in front of Team Go-Getters base

Team Go-Getters faced Wynaut and Wobbuffet, who were waiting to hear the good news. "Like we promised, we showed those Mankey that they shouldn't mess with others," Charmander told them. "From now on, maybe they won't be so wild," Chikorita said.

"Everyone, thank you for everything, really," Wynaut said. Wobbuffet added, "That's right!" Wynaut nodded and said, "Yes, we're filled with gratitude! Here, this is our thanks." He came over and handed a peeled chestnut over to Hareta.

"Oh, a peeled chestnut?" Hareta asked. "Yes. It's a peeled chestnut. You see, we... Don't have any money," Wynaut explained. Wobbuffet bopped himself and said, "That's right!" Wynaut then said, "So we can only give you a chestnut as our reward. Are you unhappy?" Hareta waved his hands and said, "Oh, no. It's okay. Peeled chestnuts are good to have after all." Charmander and Chikorita agreed with him.

"Hey, you!" Everyone heard an angry shout and turned to see the Mankey gang standing there! "Aw, no! The Mankey gang followed us back!" Charmander exclaimed. "Wobbuffet?" Wobbuffet asked. "They must be here to get us back," Chikorita guessed. The Mankeys came closer, stopping in front of Team Go-Getters. The leader Mankey said, "That's right, girlie! You three got lucky! You don't mess with us!" The Mankey standing to the right of him said, "We won't lose this time! We'll pulverize you!" The Mankey on the leader's left shouted, "Mukkeeeeh! Crush them!" As the Mankey were about to attack, Team Go-Getters braced themselves, but they didn't feel anything after a few seconds. Cautiously, they peeked their eyes open to see the Mankeys looking at them with wide eyes. "W-what are they staring at us for?" Chikorita asked.

Suddenly, the Mankey turned to each other and began to whisper amongst themselves. "What are they doing?" Hareta asked. "It looks like... They're having a discussion," Wynaut said. "That's right!" Wobbuffet said, intrigued. Suddenly, the Mankey turned back to them and the leader said, "Uh, listen. You've got something we want... That peeled chestnut in his hand," he gestured over at Hareta. "Can we have it?" he asked. The Mankey on his right said, "We, uh... Well, we love peeled chestnuts!" The third said, "Like, we love them so much, we can't think of what life would be like without them!"

Charmander asked, "But can't you just get chestnuts yourselves?" The leader said, "You know how chestnuts have that spiky shell? Trying to peel or break it with your hands... That hurts. And then we lose our tempers! That's why we're asking. Give us that peeled chestnut. We'll do whatever you want in exchange."

Charmander thought for a moment, then said, "I've got it! Listen, Mankey gang, how are you with physical labor?" The leader asked, "Physical labor? Like muscle work?" The Mankey on his left said, "We have muscles... But we don't like work." The last Mankey said, "But for that peeled chestnut, we can make an exception."

"OK! Then here's what we'll do! We've been planning to make our Team Base something more impressive than this," Charmander explained. "Team Base?" one of the Mankey asked. "Right! Our Recue Team Base! If you'll help us build our Rescue Team Base, we'll give you the peeled chestnut!" Chikorita said, catching onto what Charmander was suggesting. The Mankeys whispered for a minute, then the leader turned to Team Go-Getters and said, "OK. We'll do it!" Hareta asked, "Really? You'll do it?" The leader replied, "Yeah. Just leave it to us! We'll carry in the materials and have this place built double-quick!" The Mankey to his left added, "In return, we get that peeled chestnut."

Suddenly, they heard footsteps coming from the direction of the village and they turned to see Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu running towards them, screeching to a halt right in front of them. "We want to help too!" Pichu exclaimed. "We've got a bunch of spare building materials back at our house you can use," Pikachu explained. "We'll make good use of it in building you guys a new Rescue Team Base," Raichu added.

Wynaut and Wobbuffet stepped forward and Wynaut said, "I'll help too!" Wobbuffet added, "Wobbuffet!" Wynaut continued, "I felt bad because we only had a peeled chestnut for your reward. But this will surely make up for it!" Wobbuffet seconded this with a "That's right!!!"

Hareta then muttered, "Hmm... I wonder if..." Suddenly they heard a voice say, "Wonder no longer." They all turned to see Absol standing at the path leading to where he, Charmander, and Chikorita lived. "Yes. I'd be glad to help you in building your Team Base, Hareta," he said. "Man, I've heard news travels fast, but this is awesome!" Hareta said.

"OK! Let's get a move on!" the Mankey leader said. "OK!" his fellow gang members replied. And with that, they went to go lay out plans and prepare to construct the Rescue Team Base.
As the members of Team Go-Getters get back into a comfortable routine, Hareta gets a visit by Gardevoir that reveals she knows about why he became a Squirtle.

And in the morning, a pair of new faces show up at the Team Base to request Team Go-Getters' help.

No music inspirations here. Sorry if you were expecting them.
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RhaedaLeeMire Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, you got this chapter up much quicker than I expected!

*snort* I remember this part in the game, and you made it even funnier. Wobbuffet cracks me up - not only does he say his name, but now he repeats "That's right!" incessantly, too! And the OHKO on the Mankey was just priceless. :laughing:

Just a quick suggestion: try to keep your tense consistent (i.e., since you chose the past tense for this story, try to keep all of your narration in the past). That way, you'll stay within the realm of your story.

Hope that helps! ~ Rhaeda
GreenSonic21 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Student Writer
Sure... Whatever you say...
RhaedaLeeMire Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Whoops... :worry: Am I getting obnoxious? (I guess I need to remember this is a fanfic and not a college writing class).
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No... I'm just feeling low today, that's all.
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GreenSonic21 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Student Writer
Yeah, something like that. Feels like nearly everything I've done today was wrong.
RhaedaLeeMire Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Totally relatable. But no worries; it'll feel better once you sleep on it.

You made me smile, though, when I read your chapter. That's got to count for something.
GreenSonic21 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Student Writer
I guess so. I still need to figure out what will to write as a filler chapter, then that'll be up in a coulple of days, I'm guessing.
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Light-Trainer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I always thought that this was a pretty cute part in the game! I almost laughed when I got the peeled Chestnut as a reward!
GreenSonic21 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2009  Student Writer
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