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When they were finished having lunch, Hareta, Gold, and Kotone walked around Ecruteak City for a little while, checking out some of the other local landmarks. While they were standing by a fountain near the center of the city, they had a perfect view of the Bell Tower and what was beneath it. Sitting near its base was a shrine in the nagare-zukuri style, characterized by its very asymmetrical gabled roof, projecting outwards above the entrance. Behind the shrine, trees filled with orange and yellow leaves dotted the path to the tower, almost as if it were eternally autumn along the path. The Bell Tower itself was a massive pagoda, made entirely of wood with a massive beacon-like structure sitting at the very top.

After admiring the view for a while, Hareta and Gold decided it was time to tackle the Ecruteak Gym, so they made their way back to  the gym, where they were greeted by Morty. Morty decided he wanted to face both boys at once, just like Bugsy did, and both Hareta and Gold agreed to a double battle. Morty used his Gastly, two Haunter, and Gengar against Hareta's Misdreavus and Treecko and Gold's Sudowoodo and Beedrill. It was a tough battle between the two sides, but in the end, Hareta and Gold won out, which earned them the Fog Badge! Both were happy to have won together, as were their Pokémon.

Before they left the gym, Morty said that he was sure they would see the Pokémon that fled from the Burned Tower someday, as well as Ho-Oh and the other Pokémon. He then said goodbye to them, saying he would see them again.

Back at the Pokémon Center, while they were sitting on a bench waiting for their Pokémon to heal, Kotone asked, "So where should we go next? We're about the same distance from two places." Hareta asked, "What do you mean?" Kotone grabbed her PokéGear, flipping it open and showed him the map, explaining, "From here, we can either go to Mahogany Town to the east, or we can go to Olivine City to the west. It's about the same distance from here to either of those two, so we could go either way." Hareta wasn't sure which way they should go until Gold asked, "Hey, is Mahogany Town near Blackthorn City?" Kotone replied that it was, so Gold said, "Then let's go to Olivine City first! Blackthorn City is near Route 45, and following that route would put us on Route 46, which is connected to Route 29. Since the fastest way to get to Mt. Silver would be to go back to New Bark Town, it would save us some time." Kotone replied, "That's right! It would save us a bit of travel time if we could cut straight down back to New Bark Town!" Hareta piped up, "Then let's get going!"

At that point, Nurse Joy came back with all of their Pokémon fully healed. They thanked her and let out a few of their Pokémon for some air, Hareta releasing Cyndaquil and Scyther, Gold letting out Bayleef and Pikachu, and Kotone releasing Totodile and Togepi. They all then headed west, towards the gate that was connected to Route 38.


While they were crossing Route 38, they had come across many Trainers looking for a battle, giving each of them a chance to let all of their Pokémon get some battle experience in. They also saw lots of wild Pokémon along the route, though they decided not to catch any of them and just let them be.

Now the trio and their Pokémon were standing in the front of a crossroad. The sign said that the path to their right would take them to the MooMoo Farm, while the path to the left would lead to Olivine City. "I've never been to a farm before. What is it?" Hareta asked, looking at the sign. Kotone explained, "A farm is a place where the owners can raise crops that are sold to stores for people to buy. Pokémon like Miltank and Mareep are also raised on farms, since their milk and wool can also be used for many things." Hareta nodded, understanding, then asked, "Can we go see it?! It sounds like a nice place!" Gold replied, "But we're so close to Olivine City! And we have to come back this way anyway, so we can just go then!" Hareta groaned, "Oh, but I wanna see it now! Come on, we don't have to stay long! Just for a little while!"

While Hareta and Gold continued to debate what to do first, the Pokémon decided to relax in the nearby grass. While they were resting, a wind coming from the direction of the MooMoo Farm blew past them, feeling nice. All of a sudden, Pikachu perked up at the scent that the wind was carrying. Sniffing it again to make sure, Pikachu gasped, "(Could it be? Is it... Him?!)"

Suddenly, Pikachu got up and dashed away from the other Pokémon and past the trio, leaving them all surprised. Wondering what was up with Pikachu, everyone ran after him, seeing that he was running in the direction of the MooMoo Farm. They didn't know what had gotten Pikachu so excited all of a sudden.

MooMoo Farm, the pasture

Among the Miltank that were in the pasture, a man with short brown hair and a slight fuzz just beneath his nose was walking among them. He wore a white lab coat that had a chest pocket filled with pens and a highlighter over a white collared shirt, as well as black pants and shoes. He didn't have a muscular body, but it was apparent that he tried to take care of himself. "Okay then, that completes my rounds on all of you, and everyone's still in perfect health! If only I could find more Oran Berries, I'm sure I could say the same for MooMoo soon... I'd better go check on MooMoo to make sure she's still okay," he murmured to himself.

As he began to walk out of the grass and towards the barn, he heard someone shouting, "(...tor! Doctor!)" The voice sounded very familiar to him and turned to where it was coming from. Suddenly, Pikachu ran onto the farm and, upon seeing the man, towards him. The man gasped upon seeing Pikachu and immediately crouched down to scoop Pikachu up in his arms. "(I don't believe it! It really is you, Doctor!)" Pikachu cried, the man understanding every word. "Pikachu! My old friend! I didn't know you were here too!" he exclaimed.

While the two hugged, Gold and the others arrived. Seeing the two hugging, everyone was confused on who the man was. Looking up at them, the doctor said, "Well I'll be! A traveling group of Pokémon and young homo sapiens!" Hareta asked, "What did he say?" Kotone said, "He wasn't saying anything weird. Don't worry about it."

Gold walked up to the doctor and said, "Um... Sir? Is Pikachu yours? You know, are you its Trainer?" The doctor looked at him a moment before realizing what Gold was getting at. He then replied, "Oh no, my dear boy! I'm not a Trainer! Pikachu and I just go back a ways, that's all!" Gold nodded, understanding somewhat, wondering how Pikachu knew this man.

The doctor then said, "Oh, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Dr. Kiyoshi Masao! I'm something of a Pokémon doctor, and I like to look for ways to make the world a little greener as well. What are your names?" Everyone introduced themselves to him, as well as their Pokémon, Dr. Kiyoshi happy to meet all of them. Gold was about to ask him how he and Pikachu knew each other when Dr. Kiyoshi remembered that he was going to check on MooMoo. He set Pikachu down and said, "I'm sorry, but I need to check on the sick Miltank in the barn. Would all of you like to come with?" Everyone nodded, following him back to the barn by the house.

Walking into the barn, they saw stables for all of the Miltank that were in the pasture. Two girls were crowded around one, both looking sad. Once they got over to them, they saw that there was a Miltank in the stable, and it didn't look like it was doing very well. Gold asked, "What's wrong with that Miltank?" Dr. Kiyoshi explained, "MooMoo here fell ill a few days ago. I managed to hear about it and came to help. Unfortunately, MooMoo prefers to have Oran Berries rather than medicine, and I'm fresh out! I haven't been able to get any from the trees around here, so I've been keeping an eye on MooMoo's condition to see if I can give her something that she can handle." Hareta took his backpack off and began to rummage through it, soon pulling out a bunch of Oran Berries! He then said, "I always carry lots of berries with me since a lot of Pokémon prefer them over medicine. You can give MooMoo some!" Dr. Kiyoshi thanked him and began to give the berries to MooMoo. After about ten berries, MooMoo's cry stopped sounding weak, instead sounding much more like the way a Miltank is supposed to sound. "Thank you so much for letting me give MooMoo your berries! Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" Dr. Kiyoshi asked. Hareta replied, "Nah, that's okay. I have plenty more, and I always seem to find them around!"

Before anything else could be said, they all heard the sound of the Miltank outside yelling! Rushing outside, they saw Jessie, James, and Meowth in the field, trying to capture all the Miltank in Poké Balls! Hareta, with Cyndaquil on his shoulder, took off running into the field towards them, Scyther flying next to him. As Jessie was throwing a Poké Ball at a Miltank, Scyther blocked it with one of its scythes, causing it to fall. Before it hit the ground, Hareta got up behind it and kicked it right into Jessie's face!

After recovering from being hit, Jessie growled, "Hey, that hurt you little brat!" Hareta replied, "So what? These aren't your Miltank! They belong to the family on this farm!" Jessie smirked, "Oh really? I don't see anyone's name on them. And that means they're fair game for us!" Hareta asked, "Who are you, anyway?" Jessie called for James and Meowth, and they launched into their old routine, having the perfect reason to do it.

"Prepare for trouble!"

"Make it double!"

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"



"Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth, dat's right!"


"Mime, Mime!"

At this point, Gold, Kotone, Dr. Kiyoshi, the Pokémon, and the two sisters and their parents were in the field, having caught most of the motto. "Wait, you guys are in Team Rocket?" Gold asked. Jessie replied, "Of course! We're the boss' most high ranking members, being his personal bodyguards!" James added, "No one gets to see the boss without an appointment on our watch." Meowth said, "Actually, dat was just a trip down memory lane. And dey weren't no bodyguards. Just a couple of grunts the boss didn't like no more before Team Rocket fell apart." James and Jessie turned to him and angrily yelled, "SO WERE YOU!!" Meowth looked away and said, "My situation was just a little bit different from yours..." Kotone sighed, "So in other words, you WERE the lowest of the low."

While the three continued to argue, everyone began to sneak past them, towards the pile of captured Miltank. Once they got over to them, they pressed the release button on the Poké Balls, many streams of blue light appearing as the Miltank were set free. At this point, the former Team Rocket members stopped arguing, Meowth yelling, "What're ya doin'?! We went through plenty of dough to get enough Poké Balls to steal all dese Miltank!" This got Gold, Kotone, Hareta, and their Pokémon angry, so they prepared to battle. Seeing this, Dr. Kiyoshi spoke, "Perhaps we had better move the Miltank away from here. This could get rough." Both the mother and the father of the two girls agreed, so they began to move the Miltank away from the scene of the battle.

Jessie called, "Seviper, go!" Throwing the Poké Ball, the large Fang Snake Pokémon once again appeared to battle. James, meanwhile, called, "Carnivine, I need you to bite some sense into these kids!" Once it was released, Carnivine hugged him as it chomped on his head, James groaning, "I said they need to be bit, not me!" Hareta said, "Scyther, get in there!" while Gold called, "Pikachu, let's give them a hand!" Both Pokémon leapt forward to battle Jessie and James' Pokémon at their calls.

"Seviper, use Bite attack!" Jessie called. At this, Seviper darted towards Pikachu and Scyther to attack. "Pikachu, use Quick Attack!" Gold shouted. Pikachu darted through the air at high speed, leaving a white streak behind as it went. As Seviper tried to strike with Bite, Pikachu twisted its body around and avoided Seviper's fangs. It then grabbed onto the tail and threw Seviper through the air. While Seviper was flying, Hareta called, "Scyther, Razor Wind!" At his call, Scyther crossed its scythes as they started to glow white. It then brought them forward, several white crescent shaped energy beams emerging from them. Before the attack could hit, James called, "Carnivine, use Bullet Seed!" Carnivine then opened its maw and unleashed multiple glowing yellow seeds that met the Razor Wind head-on, causing the two to cancel each other out.

Jessie called, "Seviper, use Poison Tail on that bug!" Seviper shot forward, its tail glowing purple. Hareta called, "Scyther, use Agility and Double Team!" Scyther flashed a moment before splitting up into multiple copies, all of which went flying at high speed! Seviper looked around frantically, not only trying to find which was the real one, but also trying to see them, as fast they were moving. While it was confused, Gold called, "Pikachu, use Iron Tail!" By the time Seviper turned around to face Pikachu, its glowing tail slammed right into the side of Seviper's face. At this, James called, "Carnivine, use Bind on Pikachu!" Carnivine leapt into the air, coming down on top of Pikachu as it landed. It then wrapped Pikachu up in its roots, Pikachu crying out at this!

Hareta knew Pikachu needed help, so he called, "Scyther, use Wing Attack!" Scyther went flying at Carnivine, slamming its glowing wings into Carnivine as James had planned. While Carnivine reeled from the hit, Jessie called, "Now, Seviper! Use Poison Tail!" Seviper leapt towards Scyther and Pikachu, intending to hit them both. Scyther managed to get in front of Pikachu before the attack connected, however, taking the brunt of the attack itself. The impact caused Scyther to slam into Pikachu, knocking them both back. They quickly recovered, however, and both Hareta and Gold called for a Quick Attack, both Pikachu and Scyther sending Seviper flying into Carnivine and then sending both of them back into the trio.

At this, Kotone stepped up and asked, "Why don't we put an end to this now?" Hareta nodded and recalled Scyther back to its Poké Ball, swapping in Geodude while Kotone called out Beautifly. Hareta then called for a rollout, Gold called for a Volt Tackle, and Kotone called for Silver Wind. Geodude curled up and began rolling towards the trio, Pikachu ran next to Geodude, soon being engulfed by electricity, and Beautifly used Silver Wind to make both of them move faster while still attacking. Soon, all three attacks impacted, causing an explosion that raised a cloud of smoke!

The explosion sent Jessie, James, Meowth, Seviper, and Carnivine flying through the air. As they flew, Jessie groaned, "Why?! Why are we falling into old habits?!" Meowth said, "You just had to go and make a ruckus, ya know! If you hadn't, we could've gotten off scot-free!" James sighed, "Oh well. Here's something old we'd better start getting used to again..." At that, all three shouted, "WE'RE BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!" This was soon followed by a "Wobbuffet!"

Back on the ground, everyone cheered for stopping them. Dr. Kiyoshi thought, "My, Pikachu has gotten so much stronger since I last saw him. I wonder if it comes from being with that Gold boy? If so, I'm so happy for Pikachu!" After they came back over, Kotone, Hareta, and Gold decided to stick around the farm for a little while. As they headed for the house, Pikachu spoke to Dr. Kiyoshi, "(Kiyoshi, I'm still so glad to know that you're okay. Especially after that...)" The doctor replied, "Yes I know. I certainly hope it doesn't happen again."

Later that night

After helping out with the chores, Gold and the others were offered to stay for dinner and the night. They were happy to accept and enjoyed the food and MooMoo Milk that evening. Dr. Kiyoshi then showed them the guest room where they would all be staying, it being big enough to fit all of them within.

As the trio and their Pokémon slept, Dr. Kiyoshi was in a small shed near the house, standing before a wooden table with various pieces of laboratory equipment on it. He appeared to be mixing something to put in a test tube he had laid out away from the others. After a while of mixing and working, he poured a dark green liquid into the test tube before putting a stopper on it.

"That should do it... I still remember when I woke up back here," he murmured to himself. Reaching into his lab coat, he felt the pendant hanging against his chest, which was a small blue stone fashioned in the shape of a gear. "I don't remember how I got there or why, but I know this object was only talked about there. Then my distraction led to... That. Now that I'm back, I don't want it to happen again. This elixir should be enough if I start to feel anything..." he whispered, concealing the test tube in his lab coat before cleaning up the table and going back inside to get some sleep.
At the time of posting this, I know that some of the English names for HGSS have been revealed. I will not be changing Gold's name to Ethan, and I won't change Kotone's name to Lyra.


After winning the Fog Badge, Gold's group sets out for the Johto Gym in Olivine City. Along the way, they make a sudden detour that will lead to a reunion between old friends. But what is this old friend preparing for?
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